Saturday, August 28, 2010

Punch and Cookies

Saturday, McKenzie and her friend Haley decided to have a punch and cookie sale.  We picked up the cookie mix and punch mix at the store Saturday morning and the girls made a sign for their stand.  After we got home McKenzie and Haley went around to some of the houses in the neighborhood to advertise their sale.  They started at 12:30 and planned to go until 3:00, but they closed up shop at 2:00.  They ended up making $30!  They were so excited and had a great time.

It's now about 3:45 and McKenzie has passed out on her bed.  She spent the night with Haley last night and they stayed up late.  The late night and all the hard work today has worn her out!

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bettyb said...

Wow--it sounds like it was a success!! Ward didn't get thru in time to get his snack,but you can give him a credit for next time. Way to go!