Thursday, August 5, 2010

McKenzie's First Day

Thursday was McKenzie's first day at her new school.  Here's the obligatory "first day picture".  She was very excited about going and got ready early and was ready to go, so Betty got to beat the brutal first day traffic.  Betty made it pretty good......not too many tears. 

McKenzie came home and said she had a great day and she loved it! She met some nice new friends and she loves her teacher.  I asked her who she was sitting by and she said, "I'm at a table with a bunch of boys.".  I said, "Yuck!", thinking she was disappointed about that.  She replied, "Yeah, but they're cute!".  I want names and addresses!  We might need to have a parent-teacher conference soon!

Monday will be the real test for Betty's tear ducts when Matt starts preschool.  Betty's not the only one who doesn't want to see Matt go to school.  Check out this picture of Matt and Max.
Max is laying on Matt's backpack!  It looks like he either wants to keep Matt from going to school, or he wants to go with him!

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bettyb said...

--so glad your first day was so good. You look so old in this picture. :-(
Matt, maybe you can teach Max what you learn at school.
--see y'all Sunday.
love you both,