Saturday, August 7, 2010

Lunch With Granny

Granny (Betty's grandmother) has had some computer problems recently and she asked me to help her.  She offered to pay me and I told her I would only accept food!  So, Saturday she had us over for lunch.  We always enjoy eating at Granny's because she's such a good cook and we have fun visiting, too.
This is McKenzie's reaction to finding out what Granny was cooking!  Roast, rice and gravy, butter beans, green beans, squash casserole, chocolate cake and ice cream!  I was doing a similar dance behind the camera!
Matt just kicked back and waiting for the dinner bell to ring.
Thanks for the meal, Granny!  It was great!!!

I have to share my experience I had at Wal-Mart Saturday morning.  Caleb, Matt, and I were walking out of Wal-Mart and a sweet older lady smiled at me and I said "Hello".  She responded, "I enjoy your singing so much!".  I thanked her but I was surprised since I didn't know her.  She said that she goes to the Presbyterian church and they don't have church on Sunday nights and she watches our church on TV.  Then she said, "I like your Dad, too.  He's a good leader.".  She was talking about Andy!!!!  I've enjoyed that all day!
Andy, my brother.
Andy, my DAD!!!!


bettyb said...

Granny is indeed a good cook~food sounded yummy!
That is so funny about Andy,and I am sure it made him feel special. :-) I am also sure he loved your aging of his picture: brotherly love.
p.s. McKenzie and Matt, have a good week at school,and Betty Ann,I hope you have a good
week too. :-)

Kellie Berry said...