Thursday, September 8, 2011

Kindergarten Open House

Tonight was open house for the lower elementary.  Matt was very excited about showing us his class and his school.  As soon as we got there Matt took out leading the way.  He was ten feet ahead of us walking down the hall like he owned the place!  We enjoyed seeing Matt's class and hearing him tell us about what he does every day. 
Here Matt was showing us the behavior chart.
This is Chip Charger, the class mascot.  He does a little dance and makes horse sounds!
Here's Matt with his teacher, Mrs. Granholm.  We thought Chip Charger was turned off, but right before I snapped this picture he moved his head toward Matt.  Freaky........

 Matt doing what he'd love to be able to do during class!

This is outside the "Li-berry".  He was quite disappointed that it was locked and he couldn't show it to us.

Matt is loving Kindergarten and we had a blast getting the grand tour from him!

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bettyb said...

Matt, your school looks awesome!!! I would love to have had a great school like that when I was young. Guess what? Mrs. Granholm taught kindergarten when Davis went a VERY long time ago!!! She is a very sweet lady and a very good teacher. Keep up the good work.
Betty Ward