Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

Well, Nana said she was tired of reading about the wedding, so I thought I would update about our fun weekend! We decided a few weeks ago that we would take the kids on a fun Labor Day weekend to Memphis. We thought that after a very long month of starting school and getting used to new routine that a little fun was in order. We have been counting the days to our long weekend. It's always nice to have something to look forward to. On a sad note though, I was in one of my favorite stores and just happened to look down at my rings and my diamond in my engagement ring was gone! Ugh! We are hoping our insurance will help out with this one. I really believe it is in the hotel pool. We were swimming and a string off of Matt's shirt got hung on it because I remember pulling the string off the ring. I am thinking it loosened a couple of the brackets causing it to fall out. Oh well, that is my luck!
We left Saturday morning and arrived just in time to go downtown to The Arcade to eat lunch.

After lunch I went to TJMaxx and David took the kids to Toys-R-Us or as Matt called it Toys-and-Us. So cute! We just kept letting him say it. David was Mr. Softy in there and bought them each a toy. But after the past few weeks they deserve it! After checking in, we went straight to the pool and it was nice to be the only people in it!  Next it was time for an early supper. We were starving so we headed to Side Porch. After we stuffed ourselves, I enjoyed a little time in Hobby Lobby by myself! I am really thankful for David when we go shopping because he always takes the kids so I can have fun!  He  is computer shopping so we went to Best Buy to check out the laptops. I had to take this one of McKenzie and Matt. They are so serious. They probably know more about it than me! Ha!

Barnes and Noble was our next stop. We all love this place! Matt got to play trains, McKenzie read books, and I got to check out some new fall magazines and I think David almost fell asleep over by the trains.
The next morning we decided to go to IHOP for breakfast.

The boys went back to hang out at the hotel while McKenzie and I went to Home Depot to check out the mums. I ended up buying two, so can't wait to get those planted this week. Lastly, we decided to go to the mall before heading home.

The weather started getting bad because of the tropical storm moving in so we were glad to get home especially after seeing an 18 wheeler overturned on the side of the road. It really was a great, relaxing weekend and this note that McKenzie wrote summed it up best. I had to get a picture of it. Sweet!

On a different note its time to get our house ready for fall. Sunflowers are perfect for this time of year. I bought one big sunflower and picked out three different ribbons and had the Flower Co. here in town put it together for me. Dollar Tree got in another shipment of black birds, so I thought one would be cute hot glued on a branch. This will be great for September, then I will put all of my Halloween stuff out in October. Can't wait to show you the cute jack-o-lantern and black cat that I found at Michael's. I plan on putting it on our mailbox.

I hate our Labor Day is over and the kids go back to school and David back to work. It's back to normal tomorrow. It is homecoming week, so we look forward to going to the game Friday night. McKenzie also starts dance at her new school, Charisma Dance Co this week and she is looking forward to singing with Pizzazz! all day Wednesday out in the community. Hope to have some pictures up soon from the week.


Kellie Berry said...

You guys MIGHT be the funnest parents I know!! :)

bettyb said...

fun times~~except for the diamond loss. David,now is the time to get that girl a 10 carat to replace!!! :-)
and~~~~how convenient that it is right here at birthday time!!
~so glad y'all had a good trip and made it home safely. The weather on that highway was NOT fun.
Betty Ward