Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New Restaurant!

We're always excited to try a new restaurant and we have three new ones opening in town right now.  We visited one tonight called Eat At Joe's.  It's in a new building that houses McKenzie's new dance studio which is behind No Way Jose and O'Reilly Auto Parts.  Here's the menu.  The pics aren't that great so I hope you can read it.

 Betty got the grilled chicken with baked beans and potato salad.  Her favorite was the homemade potato salad.
 McKenzie got the BBQ Nachos.  She wasn't a big fan of their BBQ sauce but she said it was good.  She still likes Tacky Shack's BBQ Nachos better.
 Matt went with his old stand-by - chicken strips and fries.  I got a bite of his strips and they were pretty good.  I may get that next time.
My choice was the "Big Joe Burger" and seasoned fries.  It was a little greasy but it all tasted good.  I got a little taste of everybody's and I think I'd have to grade them:  Grilled Chicken- A, Chicken Strips- B, Burger- B, BBQ Nachos- C. 

The food was good and the service was good for an opening night.  Everyone there was very nice.  Even the owner's son, who looked to be about 10, greeted us and asked us if we were doing alright and then wished us a good evening when we left.  I think he was a little sweet on McKenzie, too. 

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Susan B said...

we were in Grenada Friday night and Sat visiting with Ryan, Kellie and Truett. We ate at a fish house on old 51 Friday nite and it was good. Sat. we had burgers from some barbecue place. [handmade patties] that night we ate at no way Jose's..very yummy! we are enjoying learning more about Grenada.
Kellie and Ryan really appreciate your wonderful job with Truett's Sunday school class.

Susan Berry