Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Grizzlies and Nachos (and Nick)

So, Mom has been harassing me about posting again. 
Mom (in her sweetest Mom voice): "I've been checking your blog to see if you posted anything new...........you haven't."
Me: "Yes ma'am."  And here I am.

Friday night we went to Memphis to watch the Grizzlies play the Houston Rockets.  One of the biggest surprises of our marriage has been Betty's love of NBA basketball.  Who knew!  I'm not really sure basketball has anything to do with it.  Going to Memphis to eat is always fun and they do a lot to keep everyone entertained during the game.  However, for someone who does actually like basketball, the constant sensory bombardment of music and prompts to MAKE SOME NOISE sometimes gets on my nerves.  That kind of sounded like me standing at the front door in blue socks and slippers yelling "Get off my lawn you rotten kids!", didn't it?

Anyway, Betty was in the mood for supper at The Arcade, so that was our first stop.  Apparently all the times we've eaten at The Arcade have been at lunch because we got there and found out that The Arcade is only open from 7:00 to 3:00!  You know that didn't keep us from eating so we headed to The FedEx Forum and found the Rendezvous stand and loaded up on BBQ nachos!

Matt looks like he got a bite of a jalapeno!

The game was fun and the Grizzlies won!

Today (Tuesday) was Nick's birthday.  Actually, it was one year ago today when we adopted him.  We celebrated with cupcakes from Walmart and another batch of Betty's chocolate covered strawberries.  Poor Nick just celebrated with another bowl of Iams.  Here are a couple of pictures of Nick.  The first one is right after we got him and the second is the other day when he and Matt were watching squirrels out the window.
Maybe Nick will take over updating the blog!

Happy Birthday Nick!


bettyb said...

All I have to say is that your mother has better luck with getting you to do your blog than I do with Davis. He's abandoned it for FB I fear. ~looks like fun times at the basketball game. I hope to one day see a pro game also; it just looks like fun IMO. Happy Birthday ~or adoption day to Nick. Such a smart boy to type on the computer and then help his "brother" hunt squirrels!
Betty Ward

bettyb said...

Ward says that he is so surprised that BA went to the basketball game instead of being dropped off at Target!!!
-- his words, not mine. :-). Hey this means that Ward sort of posted on your blog!