Monday, November 5, 2012

Thanksgiving Around the House

I have always loved putting Thanksgiving decorations here and there in the house. I love this holiday and I don't want it to be forgotten amidst all the Christmas excitement. So here are a few pictures of pilgrims and turkeys.

A couple of books Matt and I are reading. McKenzie and I use to read these too before she got too big! I think we have all the Night Before series books. They are so fun.

I found these two turkeys at Wall's a few years ago and I love how they are made out of nature items. So creative.

I took down the halloween pennant garland in the kitchen and replaced it with the gobble gobble one that I found at TJmaxx a couple of years ago.

Today was cloudy and cool so I knew vegetable soup would be something good to eat for supper. So I prepared it this afternoon and let it simmer in the crockpot all afternoon. It smelled soooo good. I used a recipe from a former neighbor, Betty Byrd. She actually made this soup for us and I had to have the recipe years ago. It is so easy and wonderful! I made homemade cheese bread to go with it. I love eating like this on cold nights. David is not a big fan of soup. He says it just doesn't fill him up. But this is more like a stew so he likes it. One of David's absolute favorite things to eat is chocolate covered strawberries. Today while grocery shopping, I noticed the store had put out their holiday baking section. And there it was....
So I picked up a container of strawberries and made them for us. They were divine! I usually can only find this around Valentine's Day so we will probably having this treat a few more times during the holidays. This plate didn't last long. David said we looked like a bunch of buzzards around roadkill eating all the strawberries up!

After grocery shopping this morning, I had just gotten home when Mrs. Ross, Matt's teacher assistant called me. She told me Matt had 101 degree fever and I needed to come get him. Poor baby he was so pitiful when I got to the school. A few other people were going home also. With his symptoms I have to wonder if it is strep. It is going around. Well, guess I will be taking another trip to the Dr. tomorrow. McKenzie was sick last week with a red throat and missed Monday. She is lots better and almost through with her round of antibiotic. Tis the season I guess! I just want to get all of this out of the way before Thanksgiving and Christmas. As soon as Matt got home he put on his Batman pajamas and went to sleep on the couch. Nick got to work taking care of him. Hope everyone has a good week!

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bettyb said...

~love,love all the T'giving decorations! One of my favorite holidays because we do the family thing. I shouldn't have looked at the supper pix however because I am very hungry,and they look delicious! We may be right over. HA.
Matt, I hope you feel better VERY soon. I'm sorry you are sick.
Betty Ward