Sunday, November 4, 2012

Itta Bena Homecoming

Sunday was one of our most anticipated events that we get to experience every other year.  It was Homecoming Day at my old church in Itta Bena.  I've written before (2010 and 2008) about how special Itta Bena is to me and how perfect it was to grow up there.  Every time we go back there it seems like time just slows down and everyone is relaxed and so nice.  And the food!  Holy moly, the food!  Itta Bena is home to some of the best cooks in the world.  After the worship service we, being good baptists, had a covered dish supper.  I had grilled chicken, ham, pork tenderloin, a couple of chicken strips, chicken spaghetti, sweet tater casserole, a deviled egg, and of course a big helping of Sybil Fulgham's awesome dressing.  We had a great time visiting with old friends and reminiscing about fun times.  We can't wait to go back in a couple of years!

 This is our old house/football/baseball field.  As I wrote in 2008, this is the view our sweet little old neighbor, Miss Birdie had as she sat in her swing and watched Andy and me play.  She also said we had good looking legs!  Ha!

I was so glad Mom and Dad were able to come this year.  It was very special for me to get to sit with them during church.  That has almost never happened because all my life growing up Dad was preaching and Mom was in the choir. 

On the way home we drove down Grand Boulevard in Greenwood and over the bridge toward Money.  Just over the bridge on the right is the house that was used as Skeeter's house in the movie The Help.  This is a poor cell phone picture from the road.  The big red arrow is pointing at the house.

Here's a picture of our congregation in Itta Bena from about 30 years ago!  I circled me, Andy, Mom, and Dad in red so you can pick us out.

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bettyb said...

I enjoyed seeing the pictures of homecoming. I know it is always fun,and I'm sure the food is wonderful. ~great family picture of the Cummings!
Betty Ward