Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  We have already kicked off our Thanksgiving feasting by going to Nana and Grand's yesterday for fun and food.  And awesome apple pies!!!  We took the kids down to a little brick building in Eupora for a few pictures.

After lunch Matt, Grand, Caleb, and I went to Mr. Glenn's to see his trains including his newest addition, Thomas the train.

We managed to stay awake for the most part.  You might remember that we Cummings folks sometimes have trouble with that after a big meal.  Nana, McKenzie, and I may have dozed off a little bit, though.  The main thing that kept us awake was watching some old videos of Cassie and Caleb when they were little.  Here's a little clip of Cassie when she was about four sitting at the table drawing and making up songs.

Even Nick is getting into the Thanksgiving spirit.  He loves playing football with Matt.  He even went and got the football himself this morning trying to get Matt to play with him.

Today we'll have Thanksgiving with some of Betty's family at BettyWard's.  Maybe BettyWard will entertain us with some original songs of her own like Cassie did!

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bettyb said...

~good,good pictures of the kids. Everyone is so OLD. I had no idea that Nick could play ball like that~how funny is he. He has a good buddy in you, Matt. ~and I am glad I didn't see this until after you came to my house as I would have felt pressured to sing a tune or two!
Betty Ward