Saturday, January 12, 2013

Lastest Happenings

This has been a very loooooong week getting back into the swing of things. I believe our Christmas holidays spoiled us! Matt is playing Upward Basketball again this year. David is his coach and the name of their team is the Junior Buffaloes. They played their first game last night. Matt had fun! He made one pass that he threw between the legs of one of the other players!  He thought that was a hoot!  Here are a few pics...

Matt also is really wanting to get a suit and a tie so he can dress up like Daddy.  He found a tie at Walmart today.  We'll have to get him one soon!

Today was the Grenada Middle School beauty review. The 6th grade beauty review which McKenzie was a part of was at 2:00 today. She had so much fun! She has been looking forward to it for weeks. We went to Bonnie's to rent a dress back during Thanksgiving and found a pretty, hot pink dress that was perfect for her. Jordan did her hair and makeup. There were 17 contestants in her division.  McKenzie received Most Photogenic at the Pageant. Way to go McKenzie! We were proud of you today! Here are a few pictures that David took...

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bettyb said...

Okay I commented but it never appeared. If it shows up twice that is why.
McKenzie, Congratulations!! You looked beautiful,and your dress was perfect. I can't wait to hear all about it.
Matt, I think you have to be very talented to pass the ball between someone's legs!!!
Betty Ward