Sunday, January 13, 2013

Someone is turning 90!

Today was a special day for my family. My sweet grandmother aka Granny will be turning 90 this Wednesday. So my mama had the idea for all of us to get together and come to FBC and sit with her at church. Since several family members belong to other churches in town, we knew this would be a treat for her to sit with her family. We had 17 there today. Granny was so surprised to see everyone. We managed to keep it a secret so that made it even better. Mama and Betty had flowers placed in the sanctuary today in honor of her 90th and also being a member of FBC for 76 years! That's a long time!! Bro. Michael was even kind to mention Granny and her birthday during the service. We appreciated that. We are planning her a party at the end of the month so that should be a lot of fun. Mary Catherine volunteered to have it at her home. It seems like yesterday when we had her 80th. McKenzie was a baby. Time has flown! I wish I could have gotten a picture of everyone but everyone was scattering so it wasn't possible. I did manage to take a pic of our kids with Granny and one with my mom in it. I wish I had thought to get in one of them. But oh well. Matt was so sweet to make her a card. In Sunday school they were told to make a card for someone they care about and he chose her. I had to get a picture of it. He was so happy to give it to her. Happy Birthday, Granny! You have always been a very SPECIAL grandmother! Hope your week is fantastic!

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bettyb said...

It was a good morning-- special to worship at FBC with Mama and the rest of the familylove,