Monday, March 23, 2009

Easter Time

I have mentioned before that I don't do much Easter decorating because the colors really don't go with my stuff, but I did do a display on top of our desk in the den. I used my McCarty bunnies, the kids hand painted eggs, burlap, ribbon and Easter grass. David, who really doesn't notice a lot of the decorating stuff, said he really liked it. I like it, too because it reminds me of the past years with McKenzie and Matt and their favorite things.

Amanda got me collecting the eggs McKenzie's first Easter. Now every year its tradition to order an egg for each child from a neat toy store in Jackson, Old Tyme Commissary. Each year I have the very talented artist at the store paint on the wooden eggs what McKenzie and Matt are into that particular year.

For example this year's eggs, McKenzie has the girl dancer bunny to represent her first yr. of dance. Since Matt is so into trains, I had them paint a conductor bunny for him holding trains. They paint the name and year on the back.

Max, our cat even has an egg!

My favorite egg so far is the 2006 egg that tells McKenzie is a new big sister. She is the big girl bunny holding the baby's hand. So cute and I love how they even painted her little glasses on the bunny. That Easter Matt was only 5 weeks old.

I also have the wooden Easter baskets from the store that they specially painted for each of them. Its just a fun tradition for us.

In the display I also included a framed picture from two Easters ago. It is one of my favorites! Whatever holiday it may be, I like to find old pictures of them from that particular holiday and put them in frames that I am already using and set them around the house. They make me smile and bring back happy memories of McKenzie and Matt growing up.
PS I added a few new blogs to my inspired blogs column. Great decorating ideas. Check it out.


Amanda said...

I put that exact picture of Matt and McK out with my Easter decorations. It's my favorite!! Everything looks beautiful and festive.

Betty said...

Did you know that Davis's Easter basket is just like yours?? It came from the same place a very LONG time ago.I still love to have it out at Easter.I love the picture,and it makes me think of my pretty South St. backyard.Maybe one day this one will be also!
Betty Ward

Davis and Suzanne said...