Sunday, March 29, 2009

Thomas..... and more Thomas!

We had a wonderful time on our Day Out With Thomas Saturday for Matt's birthday. Matt and McKenzie were so excited to go - Matt started asking if we were there yet before we got out of the Grenada city limits. We met Nana and Grand for lunch in Eupora and then headed for Thomas! The girls wanted to stop in Birmingham and go to the mall. Unfortunately, we got stuck in a funeral procession during rush hour! We finally made it to the mall, did our shopping, ate at the Olive Garden and then headed to our hotel in Calera.

Matt was literally bouncing off the walls in the hotel. We could see a train sitting on the tracks from our window. Matt was too excited to go to bed and he kept getting up and looking out the window at the train.

Saturday finally came! McKenzie and Matt were so excited walking to see Thomas.

This is the "Ductor" taking their tickets as we got on the train.

Matt loved riding on the train, although he was all business while he was on the train. Here he is playing with Annie waiting for our ride to start.

This was on a little steam train that went on a short ride through the woods. You can see Matt's serious studying train-riding look.

On one of the parked train cars, they had an extremely expressive lady reading Thomas stories to the kids.

There was even a petting zoo. This little goat kept escaping from the pen.

Here's Daddy taking a nap after lunch!

Matt on a train holding his ever-present Annie.

Riding Annie on a real track!

McKenzie and Matt in the jumping thing.

McKenzie loved the slide - Matt never would try it.

Matt did enjoy playing "golfball". Thankfully, he didn't hit anyone.

McKenzie did well, too, with her pink ball.

It was a great day and God took care of the weather for us. The only time it rained was while we were on the train!


Margie said...

I wish we could have been there to see his face on Thomas! I know yall had a great time and glad the weather cooperated. BoBo looked like she enjoyed herself as well.

Love you,

Betty said...

What a fun time it looked like you all had.--so very glad the weather cooperated,and that it was everything you expected.
Betty Ward