Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Birdies and Bunnies

As most of you know, Matt loves any kind of ball and that includes golf. He's liked to watch golf - or golfball, as he calls it - since he started watching TV. Nana and Grand gave him some real golf clubs for Christmas and it's finally warm enough to break them out! He really likes them and is doing pretty well with them. If he swings and misses a few times in a row with one club he'll say, "This one won't work. I need another one.".

You can see the determination on his face!

Even Tiger was impressed!

These are a couple of bunnies that Betty has decorated with. Matt saw them and said, "I like your scarecrows, Mama!". Bless his heart, he tried to compliment her decorating.


Amanda said...

Love the golf clubs!

Betty said...

I can't believe Tiger was in the area,and y'all didn't invite Ward over for a lesson or two.Tell Matt what he's supposed to do when something doesn't work is you switch sides.Ward plays both right and left handed depending on the situation (or the mood) --love the scarecrows.
Betty Ward

Margie said...

That is too cute! I love that Tiger stopped by for a quick lesson!!

Love you,