Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My Flower Pots--Part 2

I finally finished my flower pots. I found my plants at Walmart and two nurseries in town. The hard work of finding the plants and then planting is over, so now i can enjoy them. These pictures are for you Tammy, since you wanted to see what I have been up to in my yard. I love these two containers in the front and I try to put colorful flowers in here because these are the first things you see as you drive up in the driveway. Also, we hang out in the front yard playing ball and getting wet in the sprinkler, so I like to have something pretty to look at. I love to mix red, purple and pink flowers because they look so good together. I like different textures, too, makes it more interesting. I used geraniums, impatiens and begonias. For my trailing plants, I used creeping jenny(lime green plant), ivy, swedish ivy, vinca and maiden hair fern. I tried a different trailing plant this year, it is called Joseph's coat. It is the pink leaf plant in the driveway urn. I love the way it looks with all the other plants. The bean pot on the front porch doesn't get too much sun, so I used caladiums, ivy and maidenhair fern.

On around to the backyard...

I planted a few more containers on the back patio. I'm really not into planting flowers in the beds because it is just easier for me to do these pots and be done with it. I tried a new combination of coleus, dragon leaf red begonias and trailing lime green sweet potato vine in a big bean pot.

Here is a smaller urn with rex begonia, impatiens and maidenhair fern.

I love my frog with caladiums in it.

Here are two other finished pots.

Believe it or not, I used to have alot more out here, but since having kids this is just about all I can handle and keep alive!!

We would like to wish Anna Catherine a belated very happy birthday. She turned 12 on Tuesday. We hope you had a great birthday, AC!!


Davis and Suzanne said...

Pretty Pretty!

Betty said...

You make my naked patio look so sad!! If it is EVER finished I may come to your house and steal some containers full of your pretties.You've got the talent for sure~just like Gail.I didn't get that gene unfortunately.

The Graves' House said...

your pots look great! wish you had time to come over here and help me...