Sunday, May 3, 2009

Children's Choir Program

Sunday night, McKenzie sang in our church's children's choir program, G.P.S. - God's Plan of Salvation. They did a great job! McKenzie was so excited about singing that she was bouncing off the walls Sunday afternoon until it was time to go. Matt didn't get to go because he is running a little fever and coughing and congested. Cassie came over and kept him during the program. Thanks Cassie! Matt got up from his nap and said, "Matt go see Bobo sing?". We hated to tell him he wasn't going, but when we told him that Cassie was coming to keep him, he was fine.

Anna Catherine was a cop in the program.

Justin was a driving instructor.

Jordan had a speaking part and a solo.

Here's a shot of the whole choir with family members pointed out.

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Amanda said...

A real family affair!