Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Brothers and Baseball

Recently, I got to take pictures of Connor and Ian McCullough. We had to reschedule a couple of times because of all the rain we've had. We were even getting chased by a storm on this day, too! We finished up the last shots just as it was starting to rain. This is my favorite shot from the session. Click here to see more.

Matt and I went to another Memphis Redbirds game Wednesday. Matt was calling it the "Redball Game". The game started at 11:00, so I took the whole day off and we left about 9. The weather was great and the game was good, too. It was 0-0 after 9 innings and Las Vegas went ahead 3-0 on a homerun in the top of the 10th. Memphis tied it in the bottom of the 10th and then Las Vegas won 4-3 on a homerun in the top of the 11th. The guy who hit the winning homerun had some relatives at the game who were sitting right behind us. They were quite excited.

Matt got to see a fire truck before the game while wearing his fireman backpack.

Matt played the little hitting game. The girl started to try to help him on the first swing and he just stopped and looked at her like "I'm not a kid!!!" He hit one liner into the holes. I had to drag him away from there.

He started asking for ice cream in the 3rd inning!

The obligatory train shot.

He passed out on the way home.

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Betty said...

You're making such good memories ~~even if you do take pics.while driving down the highway. :-)
Betty Ward