Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mother's Day Eve

We celebrated Mother's Day on Saturday. Betty wanted to go to Memphis for her day, so that's what we did. She wanted to go eat at Carrabba's and then go to a new Target on Poplar Avenue. You know we can't have a Target within driving distance that she hasn't been to!

Well, we got to Carrabba's and found out that they aren't open for lunch on Saturdays, so we went to the Olive Garden which is just down the street from Carrabba's.

I had to take the kids outside after we ordered to run off some energy. Matt smelled the flowers and proclaimed, "It smells like waffles!". Who knew?

The Target on Poplar has now been conquered.

Betty decided at lunch that she'd like to go to a movie. I got on my Google Maps app on my BlackBerry and found the Malco Paradiso which is just off Poplar, close to Target and the Olive Garden. I sound like a cell phone commercial. There's an app for that!

The kids and I went to see Monsters vs. Aliens in 3D! Matt looked like he was on the Aliens' side! Betty went to see Obsessed. By herself. Alone. Without kids. I'll remember this on Father's Day.

The Paradiso is a nice theater. Here's McKenzie relaxing by the fountain waiting for Betty to get out of her movie. Matt later threw his Red Sox hat into the fountain. Did I mention that Betty got to spend over an hour and a half ALONE in a movie enjoying popcorn and a Coke???

We walked over to Ben & Jerry's after the movie and this is what I got - the Cookie Cookie Sundae!!! I think I earned it.

Happy Mother's Day, Betty!

Happy Mother's Day, Nana!

Happy Mother's Day, Mimi!


Lane House said...

I love it. Looks like a nice trip.

Betty said...

What a nice Mother's Day outing.You are going to owe David big time come June after going to that movie alone! I just wish I'd been there for the ice cream dish.YUM.

Davis and Suzanne said...

WIsh I could have been there with yall....I love target!!!!

abbey said...

Glad you had a great Mother's Day Betty...Yay for you, for going to that movie alone! Hope you are all doing well...we are counting the days until summer break. Although, I know 2 days into it, the kids will be bored and I will be crazy...part of being a mother, though!!!