Monday, May 18, 2009

Orange Beach

We are really getting excited around here about our trip to Orange Beach...three days and counting! McKenzie finishes school at noon on Thursday, so we will leave early on Friday morning and head to the beach. Matt and I went to Walmart today to finish up some last minute shopping for things that we need for the trip. McKenzie is really excited and Matt says he is, but last year was not a big fan of the loud ocean and the sand. He did enjoy playing with his toys out on our balcony, though. So, hopefully with him being another year older he will like it better. All I know is that I have got a ton of packing to do, so I am trying to start early so the task won't be so overwhelming! After we get toys, suitcases, groceries, towels, etc. in the back of the suv, we will look like the Beverly Hillbillies. I remember last year, poor David loaded everything on a cart once we got to our condo. Next, we all headed up on the elevator to the third floor. We then both pushed that heavy cart around many corners to get to our place. It was so hot that I thought we were going to pass out. We stopped for a brief second to catch our breath and I looked down and saw two older couples at a nearby pool smiling at us and probably laughing to themselves that that use to be them with all the junk! We are not complaining though because we love the memories we are making with McKenzie and Matt.

Here are a few pictures from last year's trip. We ended up with more of McKenzie than Matt so we are hoping he will cooperate more and not be scared.

This is the first picture David took after we first arrived. We like to check everything out before unpacking the car.

I love this picture of McKenzie. It shows how happy she is to be there.

This is my favorite picture of them. Right now I have it in a frame on my end table with a basket of shells that we found last year.

We had many "photo shoots" and I thought David captured some great memories.


Betty said...

I LOVE all the beach pics.I never saw some of these and am looking forward to this yrs.(hint,hint).--a great idea with the display of shells and the adorable pic.of McK.and Matt.Have you ever seen the really old collection of shells that we have? I've had them for ages,but they belonged to Mrs.Brister.They're really neat.McKenzie and Matt,have a wonderful time~I wish I was going with you!!!
Betty Ward

Tammy Grant said...

Yall have a blast! Think about me while you are there soaking up that beautiful sunshine! love yall!

Lane House said...

Enjoy the trip. I wish we were going with yall.