Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Redbirds Baseball

Wednesday, I took off half a day and Matt and I went to Memphis to watch the Redbirds play. Matt was really excited and as soon as we got into Memphis he started asking me where the baseball park was. I pointed in the general direction of AutoZone Park and said, "That way". He said, "Turn that way, Da-Da." He was ready to get to the ballpark! We got there just as the game was about to start at 1:05.

After getting my usual - BBQ Pork Nachos - we found our seats. As you can see in the top picture, Matt didn't sit, he stood most of the time and watched the game.

Well, he stood when he wasn't jumping down the steps.

"Matt wants ice cream........please!!!!!!!!"

He got it! The guys in the background aren't just baseball geeks keeping score, they're baseball scouts. Two were from the New York Yankees. I think the guy on our row in the blue jacket was from the Los Angeles Dodgers.

We started to leave after the 7th inning because I figured Matt was tired but he cried and wanted to stay. So we stayed! The Redbirds won 3-1.

Like I've said before, no trip with Matt is complete without a train sighting.

He passed out soon after we got out of Memphis. Yes, I was driving down the interstate when I took this picture.

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Betty said...

What a fun outing for the guys!! David,did you break out in hives when you realized you were sitting next to a Yankees scout? :-)It looks like y'all had awesome seats and pretty weather.Fun,fun,fun.
Betty Ward