Saturday, April 18, 2009

Weekend Fun

This morning David took Matt to his second friend birthday party. It was a firefighter birthday for his friend, Chandler. It was held at our family life center. David took this picture of Matt and his buddy, Heath. They are standing by this firefighter cardboard cut out. It looks so life like, that it fooled both me and McKenzie. We thought it was a real fireman! David said by the end of the party a fire rescue truck came to see the kids. He said Matt visited for just a minute, then wanted to go back in and play ball, of course. Matt seem to really enjoy himself.

At the end of the day it was time for me to take McKenzie to Thompson Photography to have her dance pictures made with the rest of her ballet and jazz classes. I didn't take any pictures of her before we left, so I guess I will save that for a later post after the recital in June. Her costumes are so cute! Lots of fringe and sequins! Anyway, McKenzie and I had a blast getting ready. It was like playing dress up. We laughed and laughed because I had to gel her hair, then comb it staight back and put it in a bun. This was tricky since she doesn't have long hair. My friend, Suzanne gave me some Super Spike and it did the trick...that and tons of bobby pins. McKenzie was excited to wear makeup, too. Can't wait to see the pictures.