Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter, Da, Hannah, and When Trains Attack!

We decided to try to take Easter pictures of the kids Saturday afternoon. I say "try" because Matt is at the age where photo sessions are not high on his fun list. He's usually good for a couple of pictures and then he shuts it down (as you'll see). Betty found a nice little setting at the outdoor classroom at Kirk and we dressed the kids up, bribed them with a trip to the playground, and headed out to take pictures. This first picture turned out great -- Matt was happy and cooperating and McKenzie was having fun.......

....then Matt was done

"Nope, not gonna happen!"

Betty has always wanted a picture of the kids in a field of yellow flowers. We got several of McKenzie.

"Why did you put me out here?" We stuck Matt out there and he didn't really see the point of it.

Here, we're at the playground and who should show up? Da! - also known as Caleb.

Matt's happy again!

Matt was running to Caleb and McKenzie saying, "Here I come!" they were waiting for him.

Here's Daddy Duck and his ducklings.

This is an example of poor planning. Caleb is about twice their weight and the littlest one is on the back. He almost flipped off before Betty and I could impart our parental wisdom. Of course, I guess I could've said something instead of taking this picture, huh?

Here's another near injury.

Friday, Betty and McKenzie went to Southaven to see the new Hannah Montana movie. You can tell McKenzie was excited.

When Trains Attack! Somehow, Thomas ended up in Matt's hair. Matt was in the playroom playing with his trains and all of the sudden he started crying and hollering, "Mommy!". We ran in there and found the train stuck in his hair and still running and twisting his hair around the wheels. We did what any good parents in this situation would do......we grabbed the camera and snapped a picture for our blog!!! Most of his hair survived the attack and he and Thomas have made up.

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Tammy Grant said...

Thomas got twisted up in Matt's hair??? This concerns me! ha! I love the pictures! These kids are absolutly PRECIOUS!!! Check out Laura's