Monday, April 20, 2009

Do You Love Me?

McKenzie's dance teacher, Miss Reagan, has put another video of McKenzie's dance class on YouTube. This is her jazz class dancing to "Do You Love Me?" McKenzie is really enjoying dance and her first recital is in June. We can't wait!


Amanda said...

These dance lessons may be the very best money you have ever spent. She is in heaven!!

Marty said...

That is too cute McKenzie! Jordan and I want you to teach us the Mash Potato. You are doing great so keep up the good work.

We love you,

Margie and Jordan

Davis and Suzanne said...

She has some moves!!! That is great!!!

BOWquet said...

So sweet!

Betty said...

--good job,McKenzie!
I enjoyed watching you dance.
Betty Ward

Tammy Grant said...

LOVE this!!! I want to go watch her! Please let me know.... you will have to remind me! I told David the other day at the shop to let me know but he is "old" like me and might forget!! HA! just kidding about him! But not me! so, please let me know when as it gets closer to date. She is precious! I was laughing out loud when I saw that video! Too cute!!