Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Fun

We had a great Easter yesterday. The kids woke up early and enjoyed their Easter baskets I made for them the night before. I was too tired to take any pictures of them but did snap these the night before. I found this neat baton for McKenzie that has water and glitter in it. I also found two neat books about the Hannah Montana movie we went to see on Friday. Matt got this neat light up ball and a little car.
We then got dressed and went to church. David and I teach Matt's Sunday school class. They are a great group of little boys, yes all boys! David read them a little book about the true meaning of Easter and we then made Easter baskets. We used strawberry baskets, easter grass and plastic eggs. We had the boys put Jesus stickers on the eggs and fold up strips of paper that I had written some bible verses on and stick them in the eggs. That way they can remember that Jesus loves them and died for them. You could tell that everyone had been up early playing and eating candy because they were very active!! Here are a few pictures of our cute class.
After we left church we went over to eat lunch at Mimi and Pop's house. We had delicious food. Afterwards, McKenzie, Matt and Jordan hunted Easter eggs before the winds and rain started. It turned out to be a nice Easter day.

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Betty said...

Well I have scrolled down and viewed all the pics.and blog notes I missed while we were "on vacation". --all are so good,and I enjoyed them alot.--looks like the Easter bunny found Mimosa Dr.and left lots ofgoodies. McKenzie,maybe you and I can twirl together sometime~if I still can.HA.--loved the "dressy" pictures but will always hold the ones from our South St. yard dear to my heart.Maybe one day this yard will have some good pic.taking areas.
Betty Ward