Thursday, April 9, 2009

Our Friend, Jack

We were so excited this afternoon when our friend Jack came to see us. He and his mom had been to Walmart and decided to stop by for a visit. We couldn't get over how big Jack is getting. He has cute chunky legs. Good thing Easter is this weekend because he is just about to out grow his little Easter t-shirt and shorts. There is no doubt that he loves his mama, but he also enjoyed staring at McKenzie while they were here. He even smiled at her. I think he was planning to grab her glasses! Here is a sweet picture I snapped of them. Thanks for stopping by to see us, Amanda.


jordan lea said...

AWW that baby is soooooo cute and mckenzie looks cute too thenk you for posting on my

thank you,

McKenzie said...

thank you for letting me hold jack i love jack from mckenzie