Saturday, March 21, 2009


We had a good spring break this week. I guess I should say Betty and the kids had a good spring break because I didn't get one! The kids decided that we should eat outside one day at lunch since it was such a beautiful day.

Saturday morning, Matt and I went to Caleb's baseball game in Greenwood. Caleb played well, but they had one horrible inning and got beat 13-9.

Caleb was 2 for 3 with two doubles.

Matt had fun being silly and playing in the grass and dirt.

Aunt Marty and Jordan were there watching Jordan's cousin, Connor. This is Marty washing Matt's ring pop off with water and picking the grass off of it and sticking it back in his mouth after he dropped it on the ground. Thanks for taking good care of our child, Marty!

Cassie and Matt with Ring Pop tongues.

Matt and Jan's niece, Karle, giving Caleb the star treatment and dragging his bag back to the car.


Marty said...

Ha! Ha! David -

He thought it tasted better with a little dirt! Bless his heart - Margie love him!!


Anonymous said...

david it was actually 13-11