Sunday, March 15, 2009

March Madness

How 'bout them Dawgs?!?!?! Mississippi State earned a trip to the NCAA tournament by winning the SEC Tournament Championship Sunday. Grenadian, Phil Turner (pictured), led State to victory. That inspired me to post this video of Matt and McKenzie playing basketball. McKenzie was the broadcaster/cheerleader and Matt was a determined mad bomber.


Lane House said...

"Go Matt"!!!!
Support them Dawgs. :)

Davis and Suzanne said...

amazing...he is a prodigy. MCk. too:)

Betty said...

I'm actually happy for the Bulldogs(did I just say that??) and will be pulling for the Grenada guy! McKenzie and Matt,you both did GREAT!!!! Keep up the good work.
Betty Ward

Betty said...

dear mom i love the dogs to thanks for all youve don love mckenzie

Davis and Suzanne said...

I believe I need to recruit Matt for my recreational basketball league. Wow!!!! Enjoyed the vid on all counts.

And no, do not expect me to say that I'm happy for the Bulldogs. Never!!!

Love, Davis