Monday, September 20, 2010

Birthday Week Is Over

Birthday Week is officially over.  I think Betty had a good week.  Tuesday night (her actual birthday) Betty and I went to Greenwood to eat supper at Lusco's.  It was really good! 
This was our booth.  It was kind of weird eating in a little room behind a curtain!
Betty got grilled shrimp in Lusco's sauce and homemade onion rings for an appetizer.
I got shrimp over angel hair pasta with a pesto sauce.  It was really good.
We finished it off with Chocolate Sin.  Lord, I apologize...

Friday, we went to Memphis to spend the night.  We originally planned on going to the zoo on Saturday, but it was too hot and we're gonna wait until it cools off (if it ever does).  We ate at two of our usual stops in Memphis.  Friday night was steak and chicken at the Side Porch Steak House and Saturday morning was breakfast at Miss Polly's on Beale Street.  The waitress at Miss Polly's recognized us when we came in and asked how many waffles we wanted today.  That's sad when you are recognized as regulars at a place for breakfast two hours away!  What can I say?  We like to eat!!!
This is the only picture I took during the weekend.  The kids were so excited about going to Memphis and staying at a hotel!  Matt packed his own suitcase Thursday night.  He packed toys, train books, and his blankets!

We hope you had a great Birthday Week, Betty!!!

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bettyb said...

I can't believe not one word about Target in this whole post! ~~so glad b'day week was a hit. I kind of like the idea of a birthday week instead of just one day!!