Friday, September 24, 2010

Happy Friday!

We are always happy around our house when its Friday! Matt wanted to go to school early so he could "play", so David took him. It must be really great to be in Pre-K!  Here is a funny picture of Matt before he left for school.  He loves to make faces and is always making us laugh with the funny things he says all the time. Just like his Daddy!!

McKenzie was really excited to go to school today for three reasons! First of all they get to wear what they want because of school day pictures. Who knew something like this could make kids so excited?  But I guess when you wear uniforms day after day, it is a treat. Today Dr. Jackson (her principal) announces class of the week. I think this is a huge deal and McKenzie wants her class to get it so bad. Thirdly, today is Reading Buddy Day. Her class is teaming up with Mrs. Oakes' kindergarten/first gr. class. Each student is paired with a younger child and they get to read to their child. McKenzie got to choose her own book. The classes will then do an activity/craft with their child, then play on the playground. This is right up McKenzie's alley. She is a "little mama" and I think I could really see her being a teacher one day. Here is McKenzie in her picture day outfit.  Happy Friday, Everyone!

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bettyb said...

I may have to take credit for the first face--I made it at Matt Sunday at Granny's--and his Mimi use to make it at me!!! --SO glad he likes school. What a fun thing to get to help the younger kids at school. Whoever gets McKenzie is very blessed--she will be a great mentor.McKenzie, I LOVE your outfit--very stylish! I hope I get a school pix.(hint)