Sunday, September 12, 2010

Birthday Week

Sunday was the official beginning of Betty's Birthday Week!  As you can see from the candles on the cake, Betty is turning 40 this year.  We started off Birthday Week by going over to Granny's Sunday afternoon to have a little party for Betty and Marty. 
Here's the birthday spread.  Matt was sampling the M&M's
Here's 80 years' worth of twins!!!
Amazingly, they both had enough air to blow out all of the candles!
After the party, I celebrated by getting a flat tire and changing it behind Arnold's Furniture Store!
After supper we broke out Betty's cake and celebrated some more.

Betty's Birthday Week will continue with more festivities all week culminating in a trip to Memphis this weekend to eat and go to the zoo.  Happy Birthday Week, Betty!!!

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bettyb said...

~enjoyed the first party yesterday and hope the rest of the week goes great. David,you forgot to mention the REAL reason you are going to Memphis: TARGET!!! ~~although I know eating is a close second. :-)
HAPPY # 40!!!!!!!!!!