Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fall Is Here!

 Today is the first day of fall but it doesn't feel like it! It is so hot here but hopefully there is relief in sight by the weekend. I hung my new fall wreath on the front door that I found this weekend at Hobby Lobby. I added a bow that I used last year.

I will use this wreath until I decorate for Halloween in a couple of weeks. I was in Hobby Lobby heaven this weekend. They had every kind of fall/ Halloween decoration you could imagine. I really had to exercise self control in that store!

A few weekends ago I found these cute fall mugs at Family Dollar! I thought they looked like something found in  a gift shop, so I snatched up four of them. McKenzie and I love to drink hot chocolate once it gets cooler, so these will be perfect. 
I can't believe it is already the end of September. I wish time would slow down. McKenzie and Matt are really growing fast. Here is a picture of Matt playing with his trains in the dining room aka "the train room". I always tell people that I will someday buy dining room furniture but right now it is more fun to watch Matt do something he loves. It is the perfect space for all his train stuff.

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bettyb said...

~love the fall stuff~~ the wreath is great. I am so ready for fall and cooler weather; maybe it is just around the corner. Matt, maybe when Jacob comes to Grenada you can show him your train room. He likes Thomas a lot!