Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Basketball and Dancing

McKenzie's two loves right now are basketball and dancing. She's really enjoying Upward Basketball this year and is doing very well. She scored 12 points last Friday night and we have two of those points on video. We would have more, but Betty got excited watching McKenzie play and forgot to follow the action with the camera a few times. Betty is getting better, though. At least she captured more action this week and less floor.

She's also loving dance. Here's a short clip of their practice that her teacher, Miss Reagan, put on YouTube.


Lane House said...

Good Video

Anonymous said...

Way to go McKenzie!! I knew you were a very good dancer,but I didn't know you could play basketball too!!Mimi did tell me that you had done really well at your game the other night so I'm glad I saw the video.I know your daddy is very happy that you are playing.
Keep up the good work.
Betty Ward

Davis and Suzanne said...

She has some moves:)