Sunday, January 18, 2009

Mr. Waffle's House

Who knew a trip to the Waffle House could be so exciting? We decided to go to the Waffle House tonight for a little breakfast for supper. Matt thought we were going to Waffle's House and kept asking where his house was all the way there. Then, Mr. Waffle wasn't there when we got there an Matt announced that Mr. Waffle was asleep. Thankfully, we were the only people there besides the waitresses because our kids were nuts and the waitresses weren't far behind them. Matt was constant motion - both body and mouth - and McKenzie added in a little seven-year-old girl drama. Add in the angry waitresses, and it sounded like there were 75 people in there! Apparently there is a young lady who works at Mr. Waffle's House who is not very ambitious and enjoys talking on the phone to her on-again-off-again boyfriend. She also is apparently pregnant with this young man's baby, much to the surprise of some of her co-workers. At least that's what we gathered from the following exchange:
Waitress #1: "Where is she?"
Waitress #2: "She don't wanna work!"
Waitress #3: "I know that's right! She spend all her time on the phone."
Waitress #1: "Who she talkin' to?"
Waitress #3: "She talkin' to him."
Waitress #1: "Why?"
Waitress #2: "They back together. She got his baby!"
Waitress #1: "No she don't!"
And it went on from there. Meanwhile, Matt finished his food and fell out of the booth onto the floor and then had to re-enact it several times. Betty really liked that. She immediately threw him in the tub when we got home and scrubbed him down. So, if you're looking for some good food and entertainment, head on down to Mr. Waffle's House!


Lane House said...

Sounds like an interesting night out.

abbey said...

Thanks for the laugh this morning..esp..the exchange between the waitresses...sounds like a great night. I will always have something to smile about when I see a Waffle House.

Betty said...

It sounds like Mr.Waffle should have been there to oversee things! I hope the food was as good as the staff was entertaining!
Betty Ward

Anonymous said...

That is funny!! Our experiences at the Waffle House are just about as bad!! I'm sure Nanny B lost it when Matt was exposed to the nasty floor!!!