Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pizza Pizza!

Thursday night we met Nana and Grand at the Pizza Inn in Winona for supper. McKenzie has had strep this week and Thursday was her first day back at school so we thought she didn't need to go to dance. Instead we went to stuff our faces! That Pizza Inn has a little play area that Matt loves to visit. Tonight, a little six year old boy joined Matt and McKenzie. I think the boy had a little crush on McKenzie. He was showing out and acting goofy. (We boys never grow out of that, do we?) Anyway, he would run up to McKenzie and Matt and try to scare them. It worked on Matt and just irritated McKenzie. (That never changes either, huh?) One time, the boy tickled Matt's neck and Matt looked at him like he was crazy and said, "You can't get my neck!".

We always have fun with Nana and Grand. They are nuts and we always laugh a lot. As you can see, I took my camera so we'd have some pics for the blog. Yeah, I probably looked like an idiot with a camera at a Pizza Inn, but who cares - it won't be the last time I look like an idiot!

This car is always in the parking lot and I tell Betty and the kids that I'm going to buy it and go in it to breakfast every Saturday. The girls think I'm crazy. I think Matt would like it, though.

It's Nana and Grand!

Matt likes Pizza!
Nana really wasn't as bored as she looks in this picture. Matt IS enjoying the ice cream as much as it looks like in this picture.

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jordan lea said...

david and nanny b. yall are so funny matt and mckenzie are to.david thank you very much with my cd matt and mckenzie are so cute well see in church