Sunday, February 1, 2009

Steelers Win!

My favorite NFL football team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, won the Super Bowl Sunday night 27-23 over the Arizona Cardinals in one of the most exciting Super Bowls ever. A sure sign that the end of time is near, my three favorite pro teams, the Steelers, the Boston Celtics, and the Boston Red Sox have all won at least one championship in the last five years. I like Kurt Warner (Arizona's quarterback), so it wouldn't have been too bad if the Steelers had lost. Warner has an amazing story and is a great Christian example. Go here to read about him.


abbey said...

Didn't know you were a steelers fan.. Austin was the only one in our house pulling for them. I was pulling for the Cardinals, but ended up giving up at some point and going to bed.. Was shocked to see how close it actually was. Austin was excited, the next morning, and even almost made us late for school as he had to watch the highlights on espn before we could leave. Congratulations on your team!

Betty said...

Just when I thought I knew you--a Steelers fan???? That was surprising for some reason.I thought it was a great game,and Ward did too until he fell asleep in his chair! Oh,well.