Sunday, February 22, 2009

Matt's First Party

Betty and I took Matt to his first birthday party for a friend on Saturday. Matt's buddy, Heath, had his third birthday party and, as you can see from the picture, Matt was very excited to be going. The theme of the party was Mickey Mouse and Matt was pumped about getting to see Mickey in person.......that is, until he actually saw Mickey in person....then it wasn't so fun.

Matt did enjoy the games, though.

Matt went straight to the basketball game and played there most of the time. He didn't even join the other kids when Heath blew out his candles or when they did the pinata. He is obsessed with playing ball.

Mickey arrived and scared all the kids. Good times. You'll notice that Mickey doesn't have any shoes on. Heath's dad was dressed as Mickey and was wearing his tennis shoes. Heath recognized his daddy's shoes and I think he thought that Mickey beat up his dad and stole his shoes!

This is another of Matt's loves - eating! That's the birthday boy, Heath, sitting beside McKenzie.

Even though he didn't care to see Heath blow out the candles, Matt was more than happy to help eat the cake and ice cream.

McKenzie wasn't scared of a little mouse!

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