Friday, February 6, 2009

The Lady Cowboys

This is McKenzie's Upward basketball team, the Lady Cowboys. We have a fun little team and they are playing really well. We only have two more games left and Betty and I are going to miss going to the games. McKenzie has enjoyed it a lot this year, too. She's gotten a lot more aggressive this year and she's playing very well. Matt enjoys going to the games and sits there and actually watches the game. Then he comes home and has to pretend like he's playing a game on his little basketball goal. Here are a few pictures from this Friday's game against the Lady Broncos.

McKenzie and Hannah being silly on the bench.

McKenzie driving down the court.

McKenzie scoring a goal.

McKenzie and Elizabeth relaxing near the end of the game.


Betty said...

I love seeing you in action! I know your daddy is especially proud of your basketball playing.Keep up the good work!!
Betty Ward

Lane House said...

It has been a great basketball season. We (kids & parents) hate to see it end. Really enjoy going to the game.