Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Purple Trolley

Ever since we went to Memphis a few weeks ago and rode the trolley downtown, Matt has been talking about going back and riding "the purple trolley". Well, we went back to Memphis Saturday and rode The Purple Trolley. All pictures in this post are courtesy of McKenzie and her new camera.

First we stopped at Betty's "purple trolley", Target. Unfortunately, Betty was disappointed in Target because they just didn't have the stuff she was looking for. (Way to go Target!!!) I'm sure she won't hold it against them, though. We'll be back.

Then we headed downtown to ride The Purple Trolley. Matt was thrilled. He discovered the handles on the trolley that you can hold on to if you're standing up. Matt thought it was the brake and that when he pulled it he was stopping the train.

After the train ride we went to eat at the Sideporch Steakhouse in Bartlett. It is a wonderful restaurant that Betty and I have been to several times when we've been able to go to Memphis by ourselves. This was the first time we've taken the kids there and they loved it too. Matt even gave the cashier lady a kiss on the cheek! Feed that boy and he'll love you forever!


Jan McMurphy said...

How fun!! One weekend when we are really settled here in Memphis and stay here every weekend, we will all have to go out and eat somewhere together. Have a great week!! Love to all.

Davis and Suzanne said...

I have had no luck at Target lately too!