Monday, June 8, 2009

Cummings Models

Saturday I took my niece, Cassie's, senior pictures. I can't believe she is about to be a senior! I can remember when she was a little five pound baby puking on Nana!

Cassie did great and had Jan and me rolling with laughter at times. At one location, there was a possibility of snakes in the area, but that didn't really seem to bother Cassie......the bugs and spiders, however, were another story. She would let out a blood-curdling scream whenever one would touch her!

We also had the dog who lived there and a stray cat who were both attracted to Cassie and wanted to get in the shot with her. They weren't fond of each other, though.

The rest of the session went smoothly. Here are a few more....

Click here to see some more pictures of Cassie.

McKenzie wanted me to take her to the lake Sunday after lunch and take some pictures of her. We had a great time taking pictures and just walking down a couple of trails at the lake.

McKenzie then had a great idea to go to Spencer's for some ice cream!

Click here to see some more pictures of McKenzie.


Amanda said...

Beautiful pictures of two beautiful girls! As soon as Jack learns to sit up I want you to take some pictures of him.

Betty said...

Both of the Cummings girls look so cute in their pics. Cassie is all grown up,and McKenzie is getting there fast.You'll be making her you know it! :-(
Betty Ward