Monday, June 29, 2009

The Many Talents of Matt

Well, actually just two talents in this post.....singing and golfing. First the singing, which doesn't really rise to the level of a "talent" yet. Matt loves letters and "counts" them all the time. He learned the ABC song and it has become one of his favorite songs. He's started putting a little something extra in the big finish. I think he's been watching McKenzie a little too much.

Now, for his true Matt loves anything ball related and his obsession right now is golf. He loves to watch it on TV and he loves to play it. Nana and Grand gave him a real set of clubs for Christmas and he has really enjoyed them. He will stay out in the front yard and hit balls for hours until his head is wringing wet. Watch his followthrough.....when Betty gave him a bath tonight she noticed a long thin bruise on his back. He had swung so much and so hard that he bruised his back with the club! He is so focused when he's playing that he doesn't even notice pain as you might remember (scroll down to the golf section).


Betty said...

Way to go,Matt! McKenzie must have been giving you some performance lessons because you did great.
I can't wait for Ward to see your golf swing because he will like it.
Don't get too hot while "playing golf ball".
Betty Ward

Davis and Suzanne said...


Jordan Lea said...

Matt is soooo..... funny we do in back yard only he swinging with a base ball bat and he is not sweating as bad as he did well see ya thusday

Anonymous said...

He's got that swing down pat!! Look out Tiger Woods!! He's so cute!

Betty said...

Ward just saw this and wanted Matt to know that he was very impressed with his swing.However Betty Ward is worried about the bruise on the back!!!!