Thursday, June 18, 2009

Recital Time!

The time has finally come for McKenzie's first dance recital. She is very excited but admitted to me that she is a little nervous, too. She will have dress rehearsal on Friday night, so hopefully that will calm some of her fears before the big night. This week Ms. Reagan has been working the students pretty hard during final rehearsals. David and I are so proud of McKenzie. She was awarded "Perfect Practice Performer" at her rehearsal today. Ms. Reagan has been handing out trophies each day to the student as she says, who smiles, knows their dance, and does it real big for the stage. When I went to pick up McKenzie from practice, she was grinning from ear to ear. Here is a picture David took of her after rehearsal. Notice she isn't wearing her glasses. I guess she was dancing so hard she broke them! We will have to make a quick trip to Walmart tomorrow to get them fixed.

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Betty said...

McKenzie,I am so PROUD of you!!! I just know that you will do a great job at your recital.I can't be there,but I will say a very special prayer that you do your best and that you don't get nervous.I use to tell Davis before he had to play the piano at competitions and recitals to just say a quick silent prayer right before he played,and that would help him be calm.It worked,so you might try the same thing before you dance.
Please make sure to let me see the video so I can see your big night.
love you lots,
Betty Ward