Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Wednesday night, we went to see the movie Up. The kids were so excited and that made it fun for David and me. Matt kept telling all of us all day "We're going to the movie!". Like we didn't know! Matt was grinning so big on the way that you'd have thought we were going to the fanciest theater in the country instead of the number two screen at the Plaza Cinema in Grenada, MS! I got popcorn, M&Ms and Coke for McKenzie and Matt at the beginning of the movie and then got popcorn and chocolate covered almonds and drinks for David and me. Matt was so funny to watch during the movie. He sat on the edge of his seat with his eyes glued to the screen, eating popcorn like he was in a trance.

About half way through the movie, David went to the bathroom and took the kids with him. He looked like a daddy duck with his ducklings following behind! He said that on the way to the bathroom, Matt said, "The movie is so fun!!". Our kids are easy to please!

The movie was great and I even cried during parts! The kids loved it, too, and they loved the man in the movie because he reminded them of our neighbor Joe Byrd! I could just see Joe and Matt enjoying all the adventures the man and the boy in the movie had!

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