Saturday, June 27, 2009

Show Us Where You Live--Master Bedroom

This weekend, I'm joining in on the house tour over at Kelly's and this weekend's tour is master bedrooms. Kelly has been doing a different room of the house each Friday. It's fun to look at everybody's houses and get ideas, too. So here we go...

My walls are painted a taupe color. David bought me this new bedroom furniture last year. I love my sleigh bed and since the headboard comes up so high, I didn't think any art above the bed was necessary. I have had the same bedding for a few years,bought it from Pottery Barn. It is some sort of red paisley print. Last year, I bought my brown silk drapes from PB also. They are tie top drapes that I added to the woven shades I already had on the windows. I would love to change bedding soon, but I am going to keep the drapes. I have my eye on a lime green quilted coverlet and shams at Target, so maybe soon I can get that and another throw pillow to update the room. The end table is my grandmother's and I like the way it looks with the new furniture.

Next is a picture of our dresser. The lamps came from Fred's a few years ago. I just updated the frames with new 5x7 pictures David took of the kids in Orange Beach. This is our chest of drawers that also holds our tv and dvd player. Lastly is our baby portraits of McKenzie and Matt. I love these frames and how they look in our bedroom. So that is it for my tour...go here to see more master bedrooms. It's a great way to get ideas!


Jan McMurphy said...

Betty, you are so creative and talented!! Will you come and help me decorate my house in Olive Branch when I get one? Of course I am assuming that David didn't do the decorating. Ha!!

Betty said...

I am so proud of you for joining Kelly's blog~you definitely have "the knack" for decorating so I'm glad you shared it with others!It is fun to see what everyone has,although I have to really pick just a few to look at or I'd be sitting here all day.HA.
--see you in a little while.

Davis and Suzanne said...

I LIKE!!!:)