Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Happy (Early) Father's Day!

Part of my early Father's Day present was a trip to a Redbirds game with Matt and McKenzie. Betty almost made it to the game, but the pull of Target was too great. We dropped her off in Southaven at Target and let her wander around her Happy Place for three plus hours. Wait a minute! This day is shaping up a lot like Mother's Day did! How did SHE end up getting hours alone in her favorite place on earth??? She is good.......but I digress.

Anyway, the kids and I headed on into Memphis to the ball game.

Here's our traditional train shot. Matt really wasn't as sad as this picture looks. He was really quite excited.

We got inside the ball park and immediately headed to the BBQ Nachos stand. Matt is really developing a taste for these. He was talking about them while we walked from the car to the park.

Matt started asking for ice cream in the top of the 2nd inning or two sooner than usual. It was really, really HOT.

I was really glad McKenzie went to the game with us. She had a lot of fun, but she did say that next time she's going to Target with Mommy!

I took the kids to the games area and let them play the hitting game. Matt hit 4 of 5 balls into the holes and won a stuffed elephant. I played the "see-how-fast-you-can-throw-a-baseball" game.......which needs to be next to the Orthopedic Surgery Booth For Grown Men Who Want To See If They Can Still Throw A Baseball Fast. My arm hurt from my shoulder to my wrist after throwing three balls as hard as I could..........that's normal, right?

After the Redbirds got whipped, we picked Betty up at Target and went to Outback Steakhouse for supper. I had a nice steak for supper and peanut butter pie for desert. We had a wonderful day. Thanks Betty, McKenzie, and Matt!!!

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Betty said...

If your Betty is like this Betty, it is just as well that she went to Target if she really didn't want to be at the baseball game!Your post is so funny,but I know y'all had a good time.You failed to record just how fast you threw the baseball. :-)
On a serious note: you are a wonderful husband and father,and I hope you have a great day on Sunday.
Betty Ward