Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fall Dirt!!!

Matt's favorite show is Wipeout on ABC. It comes on on Wednesday nights at 7:00 and rerun again on Saturday nights at 7:00 and Sunday afternoon at 4:00. Contestants compete in four rounds of obstacle courses to win $50,000. The obstacle courses are in, around, and above mud and water -- hence Matt's name for it, "Fall Dirt". He gets so excited when it comes on that he has to play it on the couch. I recorded a little video with my phone tonight so you could get a little taste of his excitement. Also, as evidence that all this couch-jumping is done with Betty's full knowledge, you'll see her walk through the room as Matt is playing "Fall Dirt". This video really doesn't do his excitement justice, though......


Jan McMurphy said...

OK...That is my favorite show too. I don't miss an episode or I record it...Ha!! I don't jump on the couch, but I laugh a WHOLE lot!! Tell Matt he has good taste.

Betty said...

Matt,you know your mommy loves you ALOT to let you make divots in her pretty front yard and jump on her nice couch (or is she in the market for a new couch?) :-)
I missed you and McKenzie so much today,but I had a good time at Jacob's birthday party.I wish you could have helped him celebrate.
Betty Ward