Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Rebirds and Matt's First Round of Golf

Tuesday at lunch Matt said, "Da-da, I wanna go to a Redballs game.". A Redballs game means a Memphis Redbirds game. That's all I needed to hear, so when I got back to work I checked the Redbirds schedule and they were at home so we made plans to go. Chunch (Andy) and Dah (Caleb) went with us and we had a great time -- great weather, lots of runs, and good food!

As you can see in the photo above, Matt enjoyed playing with Caleb. Matt grazed from our food and ended up eating some of my BBQ nachos, Andy's fries, and Caleb's nachos. Then he was asking for ice cream! The Redbirds lost but we did get to see major leaguer Troy Glaus in his first rehab game since coming back from shoulder surgery.

Here's our train shot. Matt and Caleb walking on the rails.

Tuesday morning, I took off half a day and Matt and I went to play our first round of golf together. We went to the Country Club and borrowed Ward Brister's golf cart. We went to Ward and BettyWard's house to pick up the cart key and Matt thought BettyWard was going to go play with us! I guess he was remembering Thanksgiving when BettyWard played football with him and thought she was up for any sport.

We played nine holes and had a great time! I haven't played golf in so long and I was absolutely horrible on the first few holes. By the last few holes I had improved to just really bad. On the last hole, Matt tripped over the cart path and scraped his knee. He was crying and I asked him if he wanted to just sit in the cart while I finished the hole and through tears he said, "No, I need a club." He's a tough little trooper when he's playing ball -- nothing gets in his way! Here are a few pictures from the golf course.

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Betty said...

--so glad that Matt sees me for the athletic wizard that I am.:-)
I'm so glad y'all had a good time and maybe someday soon Ward can join you.
Betty Ward