Thursday, July 9, 2009

Happy Birthday, McKenzie!

Wow, time flies when you are having fun! I can't believe you are 8, McKenzie. As I told you the other day, I wish we could relive the past 8 years all over again. You are a great daughter and we have enjoyed every minute with you. I love how you are such a sweet sister to Matt. He is watching you and you are a great example for him. We hope you have a special day today!

Here is a video that David created for McKenzie for her birthday. Hope you enjoy it..... and get your kleenex ready...


Betty said...

You are in the car right now on the way to Nashville.Tell Daddy to drive safely because he's got precious cargo in there!! I hope you have a wonderful birthday,and that you have fun shopping with your money.You are very special to me,and I love you very much.
Betty Ward
p.s. thanks alot,David.I have no more tears left this morning. I'll never make it at her wedding,assuming I'm still alive.HA.--awesome video.

Davis and Suzanne said...


Susanb said...

loved the video of your little sweetie!! precious..

Davis and Suzanne said...

Happy Birthday McKenzie! Love, Davis

Jan McMurphy said...

How sweet!!! Happy Birthday, McKenzie!!! I can REALLY relate to that song because I am on MY way to Nashville today to surprise Anna Lora for her 24th birthday tomorrow, July 12.
They really do grow up much too quickly.

Love to all, Jan

Anonymous said...

Happy B-day McKenzie

AWESOME VIDEO - Yes - I'm still crying

I love you very much,


Jordan Lea said...

hey bo-bo that is a sad video i cried to like my mama that was sader than matt's and i cried on his well see ya'll thursday