Saturday, July 25, 2009

New Bike and Blow-up Slides

We've been wanting to get Matt a bike for a little while and we finally got around to getting one Saturday morning. Matt was so excited! We told him Friday that we were going to get him one and he woke up Saturday morning talking about it. After we got home from Wal-Mart the kids got on their bikes and Betty and I walked with them around the circle. Matt was loving it.....except when the bike "wouldn't work", which actually meant that he quit pedaling or pedaled backwards which puts the brakes on.

McKenzie's a good big sister.....always looking out for Matt and trying to help.

Saturday at 11:00, we had a Summer Splash for the kids at the church. They had a water blow-up slide and a dry blow-up slide. Matt and McKenzie had a blast on the dry slide. Poor little Matt wore himself completely out! He was delirious by the time we got home, he was so tired. Everyone who helped put the day together for the kids did a wonderful job -- all the kids had a great time. Here's a little clip of McKenzie and Matt going down the slide.

Here's Matt relaxing with a grape snow cone and his "girlfriend", Mrs. Stephanie.

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Betty said...

--love the new bicycle!McKenzie's is mighty snazzy also.Look out world: here comes the Cummings kids.
Betty Ward