Thursday, July 2, 2009

Show Us Where You Live--Backyards

This weekend Kelly is having us show our yards, and since I LOVE gardening, I wanted to share ours with you. My love of gardening started when I was looking for a stress relief from teaching 4th graders all day. When I would get home from work I would dig in the dirt and it turned out to be great "therapy". My yard doesn't get the attention it once did since starting my little family, but it still brings so much enjoyment to me. Now that I stay home with my kids, its a chance to get back to myself out there in our yard. Welcome to my tour...

This is my front yard. I designed it myself and planted the plants. My uncle Wayne who also loves gardening inspired and helped me get started. Previous homeowners had dug up all the bushes so I had a clean slate in which to work with...thank goodness!

This is our front porch. I found this cute little bench in Canton for $50 a steal!! I change out the pillow with the seasons and the flowers in the wreath, too. I have a big bean pot filled with shade loving plants, a fern and urns beside the front door.

These beds are at the end of the driveway on either side and came as a result of a pine tree that had to be cut. We had the stump removed and then I needed to come up with an idea to make that spot look better. What better than two new flower beds!

This is a picture of the bed that leads to our backyard. This is a clematis vine my mother in law shared with me a few years ago. It grows on a trellis with ferns planted around it.

This is the bed I planted around our patio. I love my Japanese maple tree planted there. All of the iron things and Mexican pottery you see I found at Stafford Wells in Winona. They have great things for the yard.

McKenzie and Matt love to swing! A really sweet neighbor of ours no longer wanted it and gave it to us! Yay! It also has a slide and other things not shown.

A shot our our screen porch that we enjoy.

A picture from the other side of our patio. David and I actually made this patio ourselves with the help of our brother in law, Kenny. It is made out of quick crete and gravel. We used a mold that makes it look like stones. We will never do that again...alot of hard work!

Pictures of my containers...

Thanks for taking a look at our yard! Go here to check out more yard and garages.


Betty said...

I'm so glad you joined in this week,because you have such an awesome yard,and you needed to show it off!It looks great,as usual.

Davis and Suzanne said...

I LOVE YOUR YARD! WISH we lived closer and you could come give us tips!!!

Michelle said...

What a beautiful yard! I wish I had the green thumb that you do :)